Normlgel® Ag - Antimicrobial Silver Wound Gel

Antimicrobial Silver Wound Gel

Normlgel® Ag is an antimicrobial hydrogel that is effective in assisting the debridement and desloughing process in dry necrotic wounds, whilst maintaining a moist wound environment for optimal wound healing. Normlgel® Ag contains an antimicrobial silver compound that creates an effective barrier to bacterial penetration by inhibiting the growth
of broad spectrum of microorganisms.

Adds moisture and maintains a moist wound environment

Assist debridement and desloughing in dry and/or necrotic wounds

Effective barrier to bacterial penetration


Easy to use

Areas of Use
Normlgel Ag is indicated under the medical supervision of a healthcare professional for the management of dry to moderate exuding partial and full thickness wounds such as:
diabetic ulcers
pressure ulcers
leg ulcers
graft and donor sites
post-operative surgicalwounds
trauma wounds
1st and 2nd degree burns
Abrasions and lacerations

Do not use on patients with a known sensitivity
to Silver or Propylene glycol.

Product code

1.5 oz (45gm)

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