Foam dressings Mepilex XT

Conformable, absorbent foam dressing designed to better manage all types of exudate

Mepilex® XT is a soft, conformable foam dressing designed to treat a wide range of exuding acute and chronic wounds in all healing stages, including leg and foot ulcers, pressure ulcers and traumatic wounds. Using unique, integrated exudate channels, Mepilex XT is changing what foams can do.

Mepilex XT absorbs more fluid than other foam dressings1, 2

Mepilex XT absorbs both low and high viscosity fluid3-6

Dressings with Safetac® technology minimize the risk of maceration7, 8

Mepilex XT can be used on all exuding wound healing stages3

When to use Mepilex XT: All exuding wound healing stages 



Clinicians have told us that high viscosity exudate, particularly associated with sloughy wounds, is distressing for their patients and can be difficult to manage. Until now, foams have not been able to manage this type of exudate, making the comfort and convenience of these dressings unavailable to many patients who need it most.

Mepilex XT is designed to handle the full range of wounds in all exuding healing stages, including sloughy wounds3. Mepilex XT with Safetac technology offers greater comfort and less pain for the patient during dressing changes3. You can now extend good patient care at every stage of the wound healing journey.

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