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Biogel® Puncture Indication® SystemTM Education Module

By : Mölnlycke Health Care, December 30 2017Posted in: Infection prevention

The Biogel® Puncture Indication® SystemTM visually detects up to 97% of glove punctures,1 and is made up of a dark-colored underglove and a straw-colored overglove. If the top glove is punctured, fluid penetrates between the two gloves, and a dark patch alerts the wearer to the puncture. 

As the world’s first patented and effective puncture indication system, Biogel® Indicator® Undergloves are engineered to provide the optimum level of contrast with Biogel® Overgloves, indicating punctures faster and more clearly.2

This e-learning course presents the main features and benefits of the Biogel® Puncture Indication® SystemTM and explains what makes it the clearest indication system available. It explains:

  • How the science of color used in puncture indication
  • How a puncture indication system works
  • Why clinicians rely on the system   






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  2. MHC Study REPR0355.
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