HIBICLENS®  has helped to protect healthcare professionals and patients for over 40 years. HIBICLENS is rapidly effective against a wide range of bacteria, viruses, yeasts and fungi1. This effect is rapid and can last up to twenty-four hours in some cases2.

General Skin Cleansing
Skin bacteria are a potential source of harmful pathogens, which can cause surgical site infections following a surgical intervention. Recent study results support the concept of general skin cleansing before and after a surgical intervention, as this reduces hospital stays as well as up to 60 percent of infections caused by the multi-resistant S aureus bacteria3. General skin cleansing means that patients will wash their entire body with an antiseptic body wash, such as HIBICLENS®. This washing procedure aims to reduce the number of bacteria on the patients’ skin, which in turn reduces the risk of acquiring a surgical site infection.

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