Mölnlycke Health Care doubles up on Biogel® PI Micro surgical double-gloving system

Mölnlycke Health Care doubles up on Biogel® PI Micro surgical double-gloving system

March 16 2016

Thinner, synthetic polyisoprene, sterile surgical glove that takes protection, tactile sensitivity and patient and staff safety to a new level

Mölnlycke Health Care is enhancing its Biogel® PI Micro range to offer the Biogel® PI Micro Indicator® Underglove for use with the Biogel PI Micro surgical glove – creating the next-generation puncture indication system. The system offers a thinner, more comfortable, synthetic double-gloving solution, giving the best possible protection without sacrificing tactile sensitivity1.

With Biogel PI Micro Indicator Underglove, Mölnlycke Health Care is building on the success of the 20-percent-thinner profile of Biogel PI Micro to provide continuous improvement for customers. A recent user evaluation showed that 85 percent of Operating Room staff preferred the new Biogel PI Micro Indicator Underglove to the existing Biogel PI Indicator Underglove2.

Introduced in 1993, the Biogel Puncture Indication System has always delivered clear, fast and large puncture indication, making punctures and holes in the outerglove obvious quickly, and delivering greater safety to double-gloving practice. With Biogel PI Micro, the company now offers a synthetic double-gloving solution that both protects against latex sensitivity and allergic reactions, and addresses the demand for tactile sensitivity and dexterity. Tactile sensitivity is cited as one of the main barriers to adopting double-gloving in the Operating Room3.

While clinical evidence increasingly supports global recommendations for double-gloving in all cases, a survey with 107 surgical staff members found that fewer than one-third of surgeons report using double-gloving in > 75% of cases4. Mölnlycke Health Care is proud to offer a more responsive, thinner and synthetic double-gloving option that provides the best protection yet. Biogel PI Micro gives clinicians full protection without sacrificing comfort or sensitivity – a compelling reason to adopt and comply with double-gloving practice.

"Double-gloving protection is critical, both in surgical guidelines for staff and for patient protection," said Judith Seltzer (MS, BSN, RN, CNOR), Surgical Clinical Director with Mölnlycke Health Care. "These recommendations are part of the fight to protect patients and clinicians, especially in light of recent health crises, such as the ongoing fight against the spread of Ebola."

The Biogel PI Micro Indicator Underglove is now available through most medical products distributors.

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