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New Podcast Series

There are many trends, issues, and challenges that arise in healthcare and often times, it’s hard to keep up with this constantly changing environment. The newly launched BARRIER® Podcast Series was created to help fill this void by featuring audio discussions on healthcare issues and related news within the healthcare community.

Topics may include:

  • Top patient safety issues
  • Emerging diseases
  • Technology in healthcare
  • Healthcare research
  • And much more…

Hosted by Yendia Williams, Associate Product Manager, the BARRIER Podcast Series is released on a monthly basis and is available for subscription on iTunes and the podcast's website

Surgical staff clothing

BARRIER® offers a full line of surgical apparel, including single-use scrubs, warm up jackets, surgical masks, headwear, and protective eyewear....

Surgical Scrub Suits

BARRIER® Extra Comfort scrubs and warm-up jackets are made from a unique, nonwoven spunbond material called UnisoftTM. Our manufacturing method skips the yarn and weaving process by bonding together three layers of randomly...