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Mölnlycke Health Care proud sponsor of DEBRA 2013

By: Mölnlycke Health Care, October 1 2013Posted in: Wound Care

Mölnlycke Health Care recently had the honour of sponsoring the 2013 DEBRA International Congress, an international gathering of Epidermolysis Bullosa sufferers, their families and the dedicated health professionals who care for them.

With the theme of the conference being 'How to improve the quality of life for EB patients and their families', each of the five programmed sessions were emotion filled events, as sufferers and their families shared their own unique challenges and experiences. This was especially so during sessions II and III, which focused on the newborn and the child respectively.

All five sessions were attended by researchers and health professionals who provided updated answers to questions posed by the sufferers and their families in terms of the latest research and best care health practices. All in all, participants left the conference with greater knowledge and a wider support network, as well as a renewed sense of hope and determination.

Great interest was shown in the Mölnlycke Health Care Safetac® range of products, which are specifically designed for and to protect sensitive skin conditions. For many of the participants at DEBRA 2013, the Mepitel® Film product was new and as such generated significant interest. So to was Tubifast™ and the Tubifast garments range, with special attention reserved for the gloves designed for small children.

For Mölnlycke Health Care, the pride in the quality of our products was only bettered by the testimonies of the Epidermolysis Bullosa sufferers themselves, who described how their quality of life had significantly improved thanks to using Mölnlycke Health Care products with Safetac® technology.

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