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Mepilex Border Sacrum is the only 5-layer silicone foam dressing with real-world health economic evidence in pressure ulcer prevention showing a $200,000-600,000 cost savings with $77 reduction in per patient treatment costs in a cohort of 1.03m patients.2

In a recent 6-year observational study by William Padula, PhD, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, published in the JWOCN the following was observed:

1. Stage 3, 4 or Unstageable hospital-acquired pressure injury outcomes were examined in 38 academic medical centers and a cohort of 1.03 million high- risk patients between 2010-2015.

2. The average AMC saw a reduction of 1 reportable pressure injury per quarter, saving 4 patients per year from serious pressure injury.2



 Economic Evidence



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In a recent randomized controlled trial by Kalowes et al, Mepilex® Border Sacrum was associated with an 88% reduction in risk of  of pressure ulcers. For an ICU department with 1,000 admissions, this pressure ulcer reduction could translate to significant cost savings.

The authors state:

"Cost savings for our health system have been significant ... Organizational estimates demonstrate that a savings of more than $1 million has been amortized in the past two years, after dressing purchase. This estimate is most likely conservative, given that the Society of Actuaries estimates the cost of treating a pressure ulcer ranges from $2,000 to $20,000 per ulcer, depending on severity. This cost savings estimate related to prevention is also consistent with other cost analysis studies of pressure ulcers."



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