Biogel® puncture indication system

Safe gloving, for all situations, all patients and all clinicians

Thanks to a coloured indicator glove that is worn under a neutral one, the risk of infection can be reduced for both clinicians and patients. The Biogel® puncture indication system is a double-gloving solution available in Biogel® PI Indicator® Underglove and Biogel® Indicator® Underglove.

Available in both synthetic and latex options

Alerts you with visible evidence of a perforation, in the presence of fluid, as it happens

Biogel® double-gloving puncture indication system has a 97% accuracy rate in identifying punctures1

The proof to back it up

Reduces blood contamination

A study found that the blood contamination of hands was reduced from 13% with single-gloving to 2% when surgeons double-gloved2.

Safety first with Biogel®

Every Biogel® glove is air-inflation tested and visually inspected for quality and user confidence. There is AQL freedom from holes in an industry-leading 0.653 after packaging and sterilization.

Biogel® is proven to have the lowest glove failure rate among major competitors. Non-Biogel gloves are at least 3.5 times as likely to fail than Biogel® gloves4.


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