BARRIER® Surgical Mask Special

BARRIER® Specialty Surgical Masks

The BARRIER® Specialty mask range has extra features like the “cup keeper”, a device to create distance to the mouth, leading to greater comfort. The assortment also offers various other features, such as anti-reflection, anti-fog, visors, extra softness and extra width.

Clear evidence for use of mask in operating rooms

Bacterial shedding, wound contamination and clinical infection rates in clean wounds are influenced by staff clothing in the operating room. This was shown in a study performed in the UK, with the aim of clarifying the relative contribution of headwear, masks and clothing to the control of wound contamination in both ultraclean and conventional airflow operating rooms. The study concludes that headwear, masks and clothing with elastic cuffs should be worn by all staff in ultraclean-air operating rooms.1


  • Low breathing resistance
  • ›95% bacterial filtration efficiency
  • Extra long tie bands

Optional features

  • Visors protect from splashes
  • Soft inner comfort layer
  • Anti-fogging
  • Cup keeper reduces contact with mouth
  • Anti-reflection
  • Extra width for better facial coverage
  • Ear-loops
  • Tie-band
  1. Hubble MJ et al. Clothing in laminar-flow operating theatres. J Hosp Inf 1996;32:1-7
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