Mölnlycke® Z-Flo Fluidized Positioner 

Positioning for better outcomes

Together, let’s stop unnecessary patient suffering and avoid the costs of treating hospital-acquired pressure ulcers (PU). Starting with what we know – that PU prevention is less costly than treatment1 and that there is no substitute for repositioning the patient2 – it’s no wonder PU prevention protocols are fast becoming a standard in hospitals worldwide. 


Patient positioning and, more importantly, repositioning, is recommended as an inclusion in best-practice PU prevention protocol. This is where our Mölnlycke® Z-Flo Fluidized Positioners can help. You can use them to either redistribute the force over a greater surface area or to help offload bony prominences while maintaining neutral body alignment. Our unique fluidized positioners maintain support where it’s needed – all while contouring to the individual shape of each of your patients.

Fluidized technology

How is the Mölnlycke® Z-Flo Fluidized Positioner conformable? You simply shape each positioner with your hands, molding it into the right position for each patient. And you can rely on the patient maintaining their position since the positioners are not affected by gravity. When a reposition is required you simply remold the positioner into the new shape needed to support the patient and it will not be predisposed to return to its previous shape since it has no material memory. This is different than items such as pillows. Our positioner can be used to help protect the occiput by providing pressure redistribution while maintaining proper head and neck alignment. You can also easily mold space to protect the ears or to create channels for medical devices.

Fluidized positioners are not subject to the effect of gravity, unlike bean-bag positioners and other tools. 

Conforms to and supports your patient’s body in a comfortable therapeutic position until next reposition

Molds to individual patient and anatomic shapes

Redistributes force over a greater surface area or helps offload bony prominences

Saves caregivers time

For single patient use only

Non-latex and DEHP free 

The right tool for the job

Your experience has taught you that items not designed specifically to support therapeutic positioning – such as rolled towels and blankets – don’t hold a set position for long enough. They can flatten and heat up.3  Foam rings and foam wedges shift, lose shape and retain moisture – which can lead to skin breakdown and costly treatments.4 

What if you could simply mold the shape you need to the exact situation and patient? And know that you can rely on the positioner to maintain that shape until you return to reposition? You can, with Mölnlycke® Z-Flo™ Fluidized Positioners, available in several sizes.

The right positioner can help deliver safe, secure, maintainable repositioning. It can protect at-risk areas of the body – reducing the incidence of pressure ulcers. It can reduce the cost of PU treatment for your organsation.4  Effective positioning can avoid unnecessary suffering for your patients and help the patient feel attended and cared for.

You’re welcome to contact your Mölnlycke representative to ask how we can help you get started.

Together, let’s stop pressure ulcers.


Z-Flo is a trademark in the United States and other countries of EdiZONE, LLC of Alpine, Utah, USA. 

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