Superabsorbent dressings – Mextra® Superabsorbent

Perfect precision delivers optimal performance that means extra confidence for you and your patients

Mextra® Superabsorbent’s unique 4-layer construction (see image) works in a precise sequence to deliver optimal performance. At its core is the absorbent layer that comprises the optimal amounts of superabsorbent particles and fibers that bring about outstanding absorption and retention. The absorbent layer does not become bulky or disintegrate upon exudate absorption. The dressing remains dry and comfortable for the patient.

Excellent absorption and retention

Maintains integrity and does not get bulky upon absorption

Fluid repellant, outer layer remains dry

Comfortable for patients

Has protease modulating activities1

How Mextra® Superabsorbent works



By precisely combining the four different layers of the unique construction, Mextra® Superabsorbent delivers its optimal absorption, retention and breathability performance you and your patients need.

1. Fluid Acquisition

A hydrophilic wound contact layer transmits fluid upwards.

2. Distributing and directing

Distribution layer with rapid fluid uptake distributes evenly upwards into the absorbent layer.

3. Maximum absorption and retention

At its core is the absorbent layer that comprises the optimal amounts of cotton and cellulose fibers, bonding fibres and superabsorbent particles that bring about outstanding absorption and retention. 

4. Protection and comfort

The fluid repellent backing layer minimizes fluid strike through – and its vapor permeable qualities improve exudate management.

Mextra® Superabsorbent absorbs wound exudate through the wound contact layer, retains the exudate within the core and minimises the risk for maceration. The fluid-repellent nonwoven backing acts as a barrier and prevents exudate strike-through.

Mextra® Superabsorbent is intended for use on moderately to heavily exuding wounds

1. In vitro evaluation of Mextra® Superabsorbent for bonding capacity of MMP-2 and MMP-3 and inhibition of collagenase activity, Universitätsklinikum Jena, 13th Dec. 2012



Easy application

  1. Cleanse the wound in accordance with normal procedures.
  2. Apply Mextra Superabsorbent directly on the wound area with the white side of the dressing onto the wound. For best result, the pad should overlap the dry surrounding skin by at least 2 cm.
  3. Secure the dressing e.g. with a suitable dressing like Tubifast®, bandage or tape.

Flexible use

  • Mextra Superabsorbent can be used together with primary dressings such as Mepitel® or Mepitel® One.
  • Mextra Superabsorbent can be used in conjunction with compression therapy for venous leg ulcers.
  • Mextra Superabsorbent may be left in place for several days. The dressing should be changed according to the clinical condition of the wound, or when saturated.

* The superabsorbent particles in the absorbent layer have a protease modulating activity

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