Fixation / Retention  - Mepitac® - Fixation tape

Secure and gentle fixation tape with Safetac® technology

Mepitac® tape is atraumatic to the skin upon removal and is ideal fixation for patients with fragile skin or at risk for those reactions to traditional tapes and adhesives.

With high conformability and easy application and removal – Mepitac ensures an ideal fixation solution for patients with fragile and sensitive skin. The unique Safetac technology adhesive ensures that Mepitac can be changed without damaging the skin.1

Reduces pain and trauma upon removal2

Leaves no residue upon removal3


Moisture proof4


Easy to cut

How Mepitac works



Mepitac is highly conformable and easy to both apply and remove. The Safetac technology layer ensures secure fixation and gentle atraumatic removal from skin. If inspection or repositioning is necessary, Mepitac can be lifted and reapplied.

Mepitac is an ideal fixation solution for patients with fragile and sensitive skin, and for those with allergies to traditional adhesives.

Areas of use

Mepitac is designed for fixation of medical devices such as drains, tubes, probes, electrodes, IV cannullae and dressings. In addition, Mepitac offers gentle skin protection when used under devices, e.g. tubes.

Product code

¾˝ x 118˝ (2 x 300 cm)
1.5˝ x 59˝ (4 x 150 cm)

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