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When to use Mepilex Border Sacrum

Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Prophylactic dressings used as part of a pressure ulcer prevention protocol have been shown to offer significant benefits and are supported by international guidelines.   Mepilex Border is the only 5-layer foam prevention dressing with 5 randomized clinical trials (RCTs) demonstrating the isolated effect of the dressing in preventing pressure ulcers.   The dressing can be applied prophylactically in emergency departments, intensive care units, the OR and at other points along the care continuum when the patient is determined to be at risk.

When looking at the risk factors for pressure ulcers, both intrinsic and extrinsic factors must be considered. General health, nutritional status, skin moisture, age and history of previous pressure ulcers are some of the key intrinsic components that affect the risk for a patient developing pressure ulcers. Extrinsic factors include pressure, friction, shear, and microclimate.

*Note: the use of dressings as part of a prophylactic therapy does not preclude the need to continue to develop and follow a comprehensive pressure ulcer prevention protocol.

Wound Management

Use Mepilex Border Sacrum for medium-to-high exuding sacral wounds, such as pressure ulcers or surgical excision of pilonidal cysts. The dressing maintains a moist wound environment, which supports debridement, so you might see an initial increase in the wound size. This is normal and to be expected.

How to apply Mepilex Border Sacrum

Product details

Product code Size Pcs/box Pcs/case
282055 6.3" x 7.9" (16 x 20 cm)  10  50 
282455  8.7" x 9.8 (22 x 25 cm)   10  40 

Packed sterile in single packs



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