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Proven Performance. Increased Safety. Better Value
Surgical glove protection is one of the many factors that work together to prevent surgical site infections (SSIs). A glove either performs at a high level that minimizes failures, or it places everyone at risk when breaches go undetected. Biogel gloves were designed to enhance the performance of clinicians by providing a better fitting and more comfortable glove while increasing safety and protection from pathogens.

No Compromise on Comfort
Biogel uses a proprietary polymer coating with hydrophilic properties that makes donning easy and conforms to the hand like a second skin. It was this coating that delivered the world’s first powder-free glove in 1983.






The Biogel® Puncture Indication® SystemTM can increase breach detection from 10% to 97%.  

Biogel's Indicator double-gloving system was the first patented puncture indication system in the world. Biogel Indicator Undergloves are uniquely engineered to work together to maximize speed and visibility of any  puncture or breach.  

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