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Biogel Gloves Outperform
in All-Key Metrics

Biogel is the world’s leading surgical glove brand producing high quality, technically advanced surgical gloves. Mölnlycke sets the standard for surgical glove protection by continuing to exceed industry standards for surgical glove manufacturing. Surgeons and clinical staff have come to trust the reliable protection Biogel provides.

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Anything less is just too big a risk.

Surgical gloves differ substantially when comparing in-use failure rates. A surgical staff-based observational research study comprised of five facilities from across the United States was implemented to uncover actual in-use failure rates of surgical gloves during surgical procedures. The results were statistically significant, concluding that non-Biogel gloves were at least 3.5 times as likely to fail as Biogel gloves.  

Learn more about the in-use surgical glove failure rate comparison study.

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Biogel can Lower the Risk of SSIs

Biogel gloves lower risk and can save thousands of dollars in the operating room by protecting surgeons and staff from occupational exposure and protecting patients from SSIs.  Based on a clinical study, glove perforation has been shown to increase the risk of SSIs by 6.9%. 

Fewer glove failures reduce the potential patient risk of exposure to pathogens and associated costs of treatment and potentially resulting SSIs.

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