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Mölnlycke is deeply committed to have a positive long-term impact on everything we do – from our industry-leading solutions for customers to the communities in which we operate. We’re careful of how resources are used and aim to reduce emissions and waste wherever possible to protect the environment. Mölnlycke has held environmental certification ISO 14001 since 2002. 

Mölnlycke delivers more than just product excellence – we also provide: 

  • An opportunity to standardize to Biogel as your one surgical glove manufacturer and increase efficiency through a streamlined selection of gloves
  • A team of Biogel glove experts including clinical nurses that can work with your facility’s goals including standardization and reduced utilization.
  • Guidance and insight including robust clinical education and economic advice to help you make the best product decisions and optimize their use across clinicians.
  • Partnership that extends beyond clinical and economic support. We provide high-touch customer support to ensure implementation success.
Minimizing our environmental impact

Our Biogel® gloves are made with precision – and that includes our approach to sustainability. Here are five examples of the progress we are making towards achieving our vision. 

1. Recyclability

The inner wrap, dispenser boxes, and shipping boxes of the Biogel surgical gloves are all recyclable.

Did you know: Zero manufacturing waste goes to landfill. 

2. Manufacturing

All Biogel gloves factories are ISO 14001 certified international standard for environment management system – ensuring continual improvement in environmental management through more efficient use of resources and waste reduction.

3. Printing

We have replaced the solvent-based ink with a water-based alternative for the printing on our packaging.

4. Sourcing

We only source natural rubber and synthetic latex from certified suppliers (ISO 14001) to produce the Biogel gloves.

5. C02 emissions

We are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, we use solar energy in the gloves packing factory (photo above), and there are similar plans for the manufacturing factories.