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Eliminating latex can actually reduce your costs

A recent published study analyzed the clinical and operational costs related to the use of natural rubber latex gloves. The study found that the costs associated with latex allergy events and latex-related O.R. teardowns outweighed the line-item costs of synthetic or latex-free gloves.  After the facility converted to Biogel synthetic gloves, they were able to reduce their overall costs by 25%, saving over $74,000.  

Are your facility’s glove choices allowing safety and savings to slip through your fingers?  Maybe it’s time to take a closer look at the power of a partnership with Mölnlycke. To learn more about the study or have a Biogel expert contact you, please click below.            

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Code Size Pairs
42955  5 1/2  50/Box 
42960  50/Box 
42965 6 1/2 50/Box
42970 7 50/Box
42975 7 1/2 50/Box
42980 8 50/Box
42985  8 1/2  50/Box 
42990 9 40/Box

4 boxes per case


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